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Fangirl Summer Guest Post: A Love Letter to Sailor Moon




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I don't know how but I’ve never seen an episode of Sailor Moon!  I’ve heard of it of course, every anime fan has but my early forays into Anime never included Sailor Moon. I blame my local television stations :) I will at some point have access to the show and I confess I’m super excited to watch it.


Today I want to introduce you to a lovely blogger I’ve discovered through the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. Her name is Usagi and her blog is called Usagi In Wonderland. Usagi is a fan of Sailor Moon and she wrote this special post for me about her passion. Enjoy!




A love letter to Sailor Moon

Dear Sailor Moon,

            What can I say that hasn’t been said by many fans around the world? All I can really say is I love you. I love you for the joy you brought me, the tears that you gave me, the yelling and throwing of things at the TV whenever something happened to keep Usagi and Mamoru apart. You gave me 200 episodes, 3 full length movies, a live action series, a ton of musicals, and specials. You gave me a community of fans and introduced me to an entire fandom of anime.
            I discovered you one day when I was cutting school. (Hello high school!) A child at heart, I was searching for afternoon cartoons. (Back in the days they still had Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons.) As I flipped through the channels I came across UPN and they had a cartoon on of a girl in a sailor outfit being yelled at by a cat. I put that remote down and finished watching the episode. I was mesmerized. I wanted a talking cat. I made a note to program my VCR to tape it again the next day while I was in class. I wanted to see more.
            That wanting to see more gave me a series of love and friendship. I was introduced to a group of girl from different homes and backgrounds who came together to fight not only evil but for each other. They were true friends to each other. They would fight and argue but were always there when one of them needed help, may it be for school work, love/break up, or because they were being attacked by a Youma. These girls were given personalities that I could relate to, Usagi reminds me so much of myself! The eating, the sleeping, the ignoring of school work to read comics/manga, the fighting with the love of her life, she is me just like how she is a lot of other girls around the world.
            Sailor Moon, you introduced me to an entire world of Anime! I searched the internet for more series just like you! (Magic Knight Rayearth and Wedding Peach to name a few.) I discovered the world of fan subs and would use my hard earned money from my part time job at Mrs. Fields to send off tapes and returned shipping to get my hands on more of your episodes and other series. UPN/DiC didn’t show everything on TV but I was able to get it all.
            You are back now for your 20thBirthday! You will be on newer merchandise, new promotions, and a revamped series (hopefully!) I will be handing you all my money and that is fine with me. You gave me something to look forward to after school. I made some amazing friends who shared the same love for you in school and online. You gave me an entire love for Anime (everything from Magic Night Rayearth to Cowboy Bebop to Panty and Stocking.)  This is my love letter to you!

In the name of the moon I will punish you!



If you are interested in watching Sailor Moon try here:

Watch Sailor Moon.Com

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My anxious life said...

I too need to watch Sailor Moon. I don't know how I have missed this show.. I wonder if my library has it?