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Fangirl Summer : One Fangirls tips for Comic-Con





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One of the highlights of any Fangirls summer is a convention! From Anime Expo’s , to book festivals , there is just something wonderful about spending a weekend or more amongst your passions! I am very fortunate to be able to attend one of the largest conventions in the United States:


This is my fifth consecutive year of attending the convention. Over the years its gotten harder and harder to get tickets so I’m very happy to be returning to the con once again. There are tons of great tips about attending cons on the web right now so I’m going to reinforce those and add some of my own. Here we go!


The Basics

These tips are said over and over but they are all TRUE:

Buy and break in a new pair of shoes

Water, Water, Water, You need it. Drink It!!

Eat! Don't skip breakfast! Carry protein rich snacks: Nuts, cheese, etc

Phone Chargers, Business Cards, Pens and Sharpies,

Poster Tubes, plastic protectors for signed comics, Cash! 


My Personal Tips!



Take a moment to celebrate the fact that you are going to a con! jump around , count the days to you leave, go ahead I’ll wait. :)

Done?  Good! I mention this because it’s important to take a moment and remember that you chose this event. With SDCC, its especially important to remember why you are there. It really upsets me year after year when I hear people complain about SDCC, while on the exhibit floor or in line for a panel, or to buy an exclusive. 

I wont lie it can be really frustrating to be around so many wonderful panels and exclusives and end up not getting the ones you wanted. The great thing about conventions though is that there is always another panel! So focus on what you can experience and not what your missing and don't waste your breath complaining.


Plan, Plan , Plan

I have a small binder that contains large sheets of paper and a variety of different sized post it notes. I have filled several pages. For SDCC I do the following:

Daily Schedule

Here I write down what I want to see panel wise for the day. I have 3 options for every panel time. That way if I walk to a room and see I cant get in I open the planner and go to option B or C.

Booth List

I write down the number of every booth I want to see. The con floor can be hectic and it’s very possible to get overwhelmed. Stopping in the middle of the floor to pull out the program guide impedes traffic, and can frustrate you even more.

Shopping List

What I want, Where it is, How much it costs!

Signings List

Who I want to see. This also helps me to know which comics to bring.


The best way to find out about signing and events is through Facebook and Twitter . I sour the #SDCC hastag everyday and make notes based on the announcements.

Unlearn what you have Learned

There are also times when you want to close your schedule and just wander. I’ve had some tremendous experiences just by letting go and wondering through artist alley or the small press area.


Go Outside

I mean it! You will need a break to eat and just breathe fresh air. Also there are tons of great offsite events you can browse while you are taking a break.


Do Unto Others

I know conventions can be exciting and there are tons of things you want to do, but be courteous to others. Be aware of what and who is around you : small children, people in costumes, disabled attendees. Rushing really doesn't help anybody. There is an energy of excitement and swag lust that can be stirred in all of us but take it slow, keep breathing!


Interacting With Talent

I get it. It’s exciting to see your favorite authors and writers and celebrities. I once stood across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel for a half hour and watched a stream of black limos release celebrity after celebrity. I know as fans we get an adrenaline rush when we come across one of these stars but stampeding them not only isn't cool its not safe. Yes interacting with fans is why they are there but they cant accommodate everyone. Also shoving yourself next to them and throwing up your I phone is just rude!


So that's my two cents! Hope your Summer is wonderful and all your convention dreams come true!!

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My anxious life said...

Last year I went to SDCC for the first time and it was sooo fun. I don't live close to it so I am not sure when we are going to get back there. But it is sooo fun