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Fangirl Summer Review: DC Super-Pets Encyclopedia! by Kortae, Korte, Lemke and Baltazar




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I received a complimentary download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my review.





Capstone has had a lot of success with their all ages chapter books staring DC Comics heroes and villains and their pets. I have read several of the books and they are delightful! As an Adult DC fan the books are pure escapists reads that remind me of the what I love most about DC : The characters. In this Encyclopedia the writing team of Korte, Kortae and Lemke along with the amazing artist Art Baltazar, give us this comprehensive guide to all the pets that populate the series of books.


There are a lot of them! Over 200 pets are spotlighted with cool art and funny character descriptions. First up we get the Heroes pets which include Krypto the super dog, Beppo the Supermonkey and Comet, Supergirls horse. There are also some other new to me pets : Haley the the monkey companion to Nightwing. Robin Robin companion to the boy wonder of course, and the very interesting BatCow who is Batgirls pet pal. Each pat page shows the character in costume with a detailed description of their gadgets and powers as well as the occasional fact or joke.



I really loved the variety of characters and pets profiled though some of them made me giggle like crazy. Especially Blue the masked Heron who is BatWing’s companion, Copper the teacup pig who is Alfred Pennyworth's pal and WhatZit the super powered buddy of The Flash :)



Ah! nothing like a good villain right? And villains like pets too. My favorite pet in this section is Bizarro Krypto. I love how Art draws him with that grumpy face, red eyes, and cracked skin.  There are also profiles of Harley Quinn’s Hyena’s  Crackers and Giggles, and my favorite bad kitty Dex-Starr ! There are also the Sinestro Dog Corps, Starro’s , The Cat Crime Club (seriously!) and evil Crocodile Sobek who is actually quite cute in his vest and tie :)


This book also has two articles detailing the history of pet companions in the DC comics themselves . This book is a joy and I will definitely be buying a physical copy for my bookshelves.




CAPSTONE is a vendor at this years SDCC! I’m excited to see them and hopefully pick up some goodies. If your attending the con they are at booth 1316.

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