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Fangirl Summer: Three Encounters with Neil & Giveaway!




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There is nothing greater than meeting one of your favorite authors. It begins with the discovery of the event. That intense pleasure when you realize that he or she is coming to your town. I have been very fortunate to meet one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman three times. Today I wanted to share with you pictures of my Neil treasures and give one lucky reader a copy Neil’s new book The Ocean at The End of The Lane.


First Neil


pictures 002

My very first signed book from Neil was at San Diego Comic-Con. I started reading Neil with issue one of Sandman and have followed him from comics to short stories to novels. Looking back on this book I remember a few things. One the utter joy I felt at attending my first comic convention. SDCC has since grown into a massive  pop culture event with over 130,000  people. In 1990 however there were about half that many people there and I was able to walk right up to Neil and get my Miracle Man comic signed. The inscription on the book is “Golden Years Wa, Wa, Wa” an excerpt from a song featured in the series. I have no memories of what if anything I said to Neil besides giving him a goofy smile but this comic is one of my favorite.





Neil The Second




There is a wonderful event for Librarians called ALA that happens twice a year across the country. I went to the midwinter ALA in San Diego a few years ago and Neil was the keynote speaker! I loved hearing his stories about his childhood libraries and the authors that inspired him. I was slightly more coherent this encounter :) One of my favorite chapters in this book is Chapter Five. It’s titled Danse Macabre. This Chapter is so beautiful and poignant it is the one part that comes to the surface of my thoughts whenever I think about this novel.




Neil The Third

pictures 003

Two weeks ago I saw Neil at the Alex Theater in Glendale, California. There have been murmurs that this will be Neil’s last United States signing tour. After a wonderful eighty minute talk about the inspirations for his latest book Neil began to sign. And Sign , and sign, and sign. It was quite an experience sitting in the hall watching row after row of fans walk up on stage and get there books signed. It was a little after midnight by the time I made it on stage. I was so impressed with Neil’s energy and attention to each fan. I’m going to blame my helpless babbling about my love of his book Angel’s & Visitations on the late hour and the lack of dinner :) Either way I had that glorious moment of connection with one of my favorite authors :) :) :) And Neil doodled in my books! A heart in Ocean and an Angel in my other book. Such a wonderful night!


My ticket for the event also included a copy of Ocean I have an extra copy! So I’m giving a copy away to one lucky winner!






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Usagi said...

I got to met Neil Gaiman back in 07 at SDCC. He signed my Stardust movie poster that I got during the screening.

And I would love to get a chance to read the book! I've been reading his tweets about his new book!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, so jealous and starstruck! That's awesome! I'd LOVE to win the extra copy!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com