Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Advanced Review: Battling Boy by Paul Pope





First Second



Battling Boy is a wonderfully kinetic joyride with creepy monsters, godlike warriors, heroic feats and magical T-shirts! At the center of this story is Boy.  At the start of the story we learn that It’s an important day for Boy. It’s Turning Day,time for Boy to leave his dimension for Earth to help in the battle against monsters.


It’s a perilous experience for a young boy but his father has left him with some important tools: An invisible Credit Card for all his expenses, an apartment fully paid for and a collection of T-shirts that imbue the wearer with the powers and council of various animal spirits. It’s not enough. Boy is rebellious and cocky and reaches out to his father at the first sign of trouble.This  timely intervention from Boy’s dad and  Aurora West, daughter of deceased hero Haggard West, help  Boy achieve a successful opening battle. How long will his luck hold? Only future volumes will tell :)

This is my first book by Pope and I really fell in love with his art style. The villains are creepy and the fight scenes dramatic yet artfully portrayed. I’m really looking forward to future volumes in the series. 

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