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Blog Tour: The Arrangement by Mary Balogh






I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for a review.



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Mary Balogh’s name comes up a lot in the world of Romantic Fiction. She is one of those authors that I always meant to try but well, So many books So little time! So when I was offered the chance to get a copy of her latest book The Arrangement I quickly said Yes!

Now I understand what everyone has been raving about, and I am now a Balogh Fangirl :)


This regency era novel focuses on Vincent Hunt. Vincent has had an interesting life. Due to a death in his family Vincent has become Viscount Darleigh. With wealth and title also comes the pressure to marry.  A pressure that Vincent finds unbearable, especially since his physical disability has caused his mother and sisters to descend upon his house with a potential suitor. In response to this Vincent flees his house with his valet and returns to the remote village where he was born.

Even in his natal village Vincent causes a stir and soon several families are considering him a viable match for their daughters. One of these ladies sets a trap to force a proposal from Vincent, that is spoiled by Sophia Fry, a penniless relation to a local family of good standing.


The act causes Sophia to lose her home and when Vincent discovers this he offers her marriage with a special clause: After a year Sophia is free to live apart from Vincent with his full financial support. It is an Arrangement made without sentiment and yet as the days pass the couple grow closer and the deadline to separate becomes a source of dread for them both.


I don't want to  give away what Vincent’s did ability it adds a unique element to the story and the romance. This book also has a wonderful group of supporting characters. Vincent is a part of a group called the survivors who have been a source of support to each other since returning from the war. The Survivors are wonderful additions to the story they are pivotal in the couples marriage and offer them a brief respite before the two need to face Vincent’s family.


A wonderful balanced book full  of history, humor and romance.

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