Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Fangirl Summer: Graphic Novel Spotlight




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Graphic Novels make up about twenty percent of my reading stats! After years of being a weekly comic book reader I took a break from comics in the late 90’s and didn't start reading them again until five years ago. Graphic Novels are how I caught up on all the stories that I missed from those years. 


For space reasons I read a lot of my favorite comics in the trade paperback format either through the library or lower cost digital editions. Here are some of the Graphic novels I’ve read so far this year:


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17414488  16002121  13227961


17131903  17264824  17591893


If you are interested in sampling some of the best Graphic Novels in the field here is a great link : Top 100 Trade Paperbacks Of All Time

I’ve read 40 of the top 100 books on this list. Here are a few of my favorite:


16791 16992  105864


106069  472331


Another great resource for graphic novels is Netgalley




For Kindle Users there is a free download of the above book. It profiles some of DC comics most popular graphic novels, Hope I’ve interested you enough to try one of these great books. Happy Reading!

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