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Fangirl Summer Review: The Dark Knight: Batman And The Killer Croc OF Doom by Sutton & Vecchio



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I’ve become such a Fangirl of the DC/Capstone  books by Laurie S. Sutton! I recently reviewed the Superman/Doomsday book and have discovered some more of her books that I’m looking forward to reading:







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Today however I’m reviewing my first The Dark Knight book of hers:







Love!! Something about these books reawakens my childhood love of Summer Reading and superheroes. Sutton does a great job with these books. She is able to blend action and great internal and external dialogue with all the characters. Killer Croc is one of Batman’s strongest foes. This story opens with Croc riding into Gotham with some serious backup : a biker gang! The group begin to terrorize the local homeless population and cause other damages. This brings Batman to the scene. Bats quickly takes down the gang but as he goes for Croc a smoke bomb is set off and Croc disappears thanks to a mystery benefactor.      


Soon after Croc reappears stronger than ever and with the new ability to infect others with the Croc virus including Batman himself! Now Bruce is on a desperate quest to find a cure for the Croc infection while his every instinct is turning feral. This was such a fun read and the mystery behind Croc’s helper was really cool! I really enjoyed the art in this book as well the characters are really well drawn by Vecchio and I also enjoyed the fight scene sound effects :)


Looking forward to reading more of these books from Laurie.

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These look good, I am going to have to check them out!