Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fangirl Summer Review: Revival Volume 2 by Seeley & Norton







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This series continues to creep me out! Officer Dana Cypress continues to be the go to officer for Reviver based incidents. Her most recent case involves a prominent newscaster and the stepbrother found dead in her bed. Dana must discover if a cationic reviver is some how involved. Personally Dana is still reeling from the revelation that her sister is a Revived. Being Undead seems to intensify the Revived’s emotions and actions. Revenge, obsession and potentially  murder are all possible by these Revived.


This book works on many levels but the horror element is my favorite part of this story arc. There are also some strange goings on in the woods with screaming spirits and secretive neighbors. Tie all this up with an examination of a small American town dealing with a crisis and you have a wonderfully engrossing read.

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