Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fangirl Summer Spotlight: Zombies! My favorite Undead Reads






It was a hot summer night. I was up late relishing the freedom of summer by vegging on the couch and watching movies. As I flicked the channels I came across a grainy Black and White movie. A young woman fleeing in terror from a tall gruesome character. I was intrigued, scared, and exhilarated! That was my first of many viewings of Romero’s Night of the Living Dead. That movie made me a zombie fan and I’ve been one every since :) It was a rocky road as a zombie fan at the time. With the exception of Romero’s movies zombie fans had really slim pickings entertainment wise.


Zombie love how ever is quite infective ;) So I’ve hung on through the years and my how things have changed!! Today is a great time to be a Zombie fan! With TV shows like The Walking Dead and a plethora of zombie fiction I’m in Undead Heaven!! So here are a few of my favorite zombie reads. Have I missed any? I’m always on the hunt for some fresh meat!


This series by Darren Shan continues to thrill and creep me out!

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The Enemy series is kind of like Lord of The Flies in contemporary England with Zombies! Its full of twists and turns and often breaks my heart when it’s not causing it to beat faster!



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I had issues with the Z movie but the book is amazing! Breathers is also a great read!


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Zombie fiction can also be fun and quirky as these two books prove:

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Unique takes on the Zombie genre a story book (Zombie In Love) and steampunk infused read

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Hope some of these books temp your reading palate! Happy Reading!

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