Friday, August 30, 2013

Fangirl Summer: TV/Movie/Anime/ Reading Binges!





Fiction State of Mind-03



It’s HERE! The last big holiday weekend of summer. I’m avoiding beach traffic, the mall and the overcrowded pool at my apartment for a a bit of bingeing !


I don’t know how I haven’t been watching this show before! I’ve really fallen in love with it and Ill confess to having quite the crush on Drake Bell’s voicing of Spider-Man. I also love the fact that spidey is  with a team again since my first and favorite Spider –Man cartoon was Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. I love the addition of Nova Luke Cage, Danny (Iron fist) and White Tiger. There is also the great addition of S.H.I.E.L.D.  and agent Coulson. I’m hoping to finish season one this weekend.





Fairy Tail Anime


One of the funniest mangas is now available as an anime on netflix. I will be diving into this over the weekend.



Dredd!! finally on netflix! looking forward to this!



Binge Reading

I got tons of great reads from the library for my long weekend and have some ARCS I want to finish. Here are some of them:





6218002  6408556



So what about you guys? Any fun binges part of your Labor Day Weekend?

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