Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: The Sparrow a Returned prequel by Jason Mott









The Returned;





This is the second of three free novella’s that readers can download for free in anticipation of The Returned’s  August 27th, 2013 release. I have to confess that these novellas have struck a deeper cord with me than the actual novel. This story focuses around Heather and Matt Campbell who find a Returned on standing on the side of the freeway lost and afraid.


The Returned is Tatiana Rusesa, a ten year old African American girl from Sierra Leone. Tatiana’s presence causes an immediate rift between the couple. Matt keeps referring to Tatiana as “it” while Heather sees her as a little girl.  As Heather works to find any of Tatiana’s family Matt is trying to make money off of her.

This short story really highlights Jason’s narrative strengths. In a few pages we are connected to the characters and get a sense of what the mission of these Returned may be. I loved the imagery Jason used to have Tatiana recover her memories of how her life ended and I was very pleased with the ending. There is tremendous potential for a variety of stories to be told in the Universe Jason has created, and this one shines brightly.

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