Tuesday, October 1, 2013

HallowREADS: Family Friendly Thrills: Bunnicula by Deborah & James Howe

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One of my favorite Halloween memories was reading spooky stories by myself or with my family :) Recently I discovered this book at Michaels craft store and rushed to check out the 20th anniversary edition at my local library. This was such a sweet little read! Told through the perspective of  Harold the dog and Chester the cat, readers are given the full story of how Bunnicula became a part of the Monroe family.


One dark and stormy night the Monroe family goes to a screening of Dracula. There evening out is cut short when one of the Monroe boys finds a bunny sitting in one of the seats. The family brings the bunny home and long term pets  Harold and Chester are immediately on alert. With his strange glowing eyes and black markings reminiscent of a cape, coupled with his daytime sleeping habit the pets decide that Bunnicula is a vampire!

Chester notices the bunnies ability to sneak out of his cage unseen and the family wakes to a refrigerator full of white tomatoes ( drained of pulp and color!). So Chester hatches a plan to keep Bunnicula trapped in his cage, an action that makes for one hungry bunny!

I really enjoyed this book. It has some really great illustrations and funny moments. Perfect for young readers or for family reading time.

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