Tuesday, September 17, 2013

R.I.P. Review: Sherlock Holmes: The Liverpool Demon by Moore & Reppion



I received a download of this book from Netgalley in exchange for a review
I find Sherlock Holmes stories  very atmospheric. I’m always able to envision the locations and action from Doyle’s narratives, especially in The Hound of the Baskervilles.  One look at this gorgeous cover by Francesco Francavilla and I new I wanted to read this graphic novel collection. Though The Liverpool Demon is not canon (not written by Doyle), it has the feel of a true Holmes story.
Set in August 1888, the story opens with  Holmes and Watson  celebrating a recently solved case with drinks at a local hotel. While ruminating the recent case the pair  are invited to dinner by a former colleague of Watson’s. After a pleasant evening,the two awaken to find the rail lines flooded and travel to England by rail impossible. While Watson is contemplating alternate transportation, Holmes sees an interesting piece in the paper that causes him to stay.
A demon has been spotted and has brutally murdered a homeless man. Interest piqued, Holmes checks back into the local hotel and asks the local police to show him the body, which turns out to be a gory mess! Holmes sees enough to stay put and begin to investigate the threads of the case.
This is a really creepy tale. There are bloody corpses, strange animals, creepy tunnels and vicious thugs that aren't too happy that Holmes is sticking around.
The art on this book is fabulously gothic. Lots of dark shadows and creepy shadows. Holmes and Watson have to immerse themselves in the seedier side of the port city and the artistic team does a great job of portraying the squalor and danger of the times.

Each issue in this trade collection leads the reader closer and closer to the solution of several mysterious threads with a high speed, thrilling finish. I really loved this collection and want to see more from this team. A perfect, creepy read!
This is book 1 of my Peril The First Challenge and for :
gothic september

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