Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday Share 9: Faking Fall, A Darker Shade of Fiction, Reading Updates





Happy Sunday everyone! As I sit here typing this I’m drinking tea from my new Jack Skellington  and watching the sun pour through my blinds. It’s mid September but her in Los Angeles it feels like summer hasn’t left us just yet! Fall is one of the only seasons I miss from my East Coast upbringing. Yet fall can also be felt through traditions and rituals.


Here are some of my favorite Fall Rituals that I’m enacting despite the heat:



Cinnamon Brooms

I get so excited when these pop up at my local Albertsons! These brooms make great decorations and infuse your home with a wonderful fall smell. I will probably buy two or three of these this year and I always buy one for my friend to decorate her house with, its been a tradition for the past four years and she keeps them year round :) 




Maybe its the food coloring but I always find Halloween Oreo’s much tastier than the regular ones!


Scary Movies


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I usually spend most of October watching some of my favorite horror films but I couldn't resist Friday’s Jason marathon on SyFy. It was interesting rewatching the films but I really didn't enjoy the later ones at all. Parts One and Two will always be my favorites.


Scary Shopping

Like Christmas Decorations I can’t resist buying a few things for Halloween year after year. I scoped out some goodies at Michael’s craft shop but I'm waiting for more markdowns. I did get this awesome kit for $4.00:



What I loved about this kit was that it looked like an evil Blender! The Doctor Dreadful line are kits that let you make gross looking but edible drinks. I’m looking forward to trying this out!


Dark Fiction

Fall has always meant adding A darker shade of reading to my TBR pile: Horror, Thrillers, Mysteries, Gothic Romances, they all just fit wonderfully with the season. I’m participating in these challenges:


RIP8main300gothic september


And will spend the entire month of October reading and reviewing darker themed books for my HallowREADS event.

I recently completed these two books that really fit into my themed reading:

17571466  18278129


I’ve also signed up for the blog tour of this book:

Though it isn’t horror it is a book of rivalry and villainy!



Reading Stats

I’m at 265 books Read

That's 10 books from my Goodreads goal!

Though Goodreads does count novellas as books which isn't really fair:) So once I meet 275 I’ll do a break down of books vs novellas to get a true feel for my yearly progress.


Happy Fall & Happy Reading!

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