Thursday, October 3, 2013

HallowREADS: Family Friendly Thrills 2 : The Familiars






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Harper Collins

There is a Harry Potter shaped whole in my heart. I’ve been looking for a magical series to fill the void and The Familiars

is coming pretty close! This middle grade series gives us a magical adventure through the eyes of the Familiars in the Kingdom of Vastia. Our guides through the series are  three very different characters:



An alley cat who thinks he lacks magical talents until he is accidently taken home by the Loyal Jack.



A strict by the rules Familiar who has the ability to cast illusions. Skylar loves libraries and being an important asset to her Loyal Dalton.



The comic relief of the trio, Gilbert is a tree frog with the power of divination, though his interpretations can be a bit off :) His Loyal is Marianne.


This unlikely trio build a friendship through various adventures involving their Loyals and the leaders of their kingdom. Wonderful dialogue and humor and interesting plot lines make this a wonderful all ages read.


There is also a really fun interactive website :The Familiars where you can read more about the characters, read excerpts from the book and even take a quiz to find out what animal  is your best match as a companion.


I will have a full review of book one in this series later this month. Hope you give them a try!

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