Friday, October 4, 2013

HallowREADS Family Friendly Thrills:The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton





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First printing (L) 20th Anniversary Edition (R) 






It was late one fall in Halloweenland, and the air had quite a chill. Against the moon a skeleton sat, alone upon a hill.”


It’s hard to believe that The Nightmare Before Christmas is celebrating its 20th Anniversary on October 29th. This film owns so many pieces of my heart! I was fortunate to buy many of the movie tie-in books when they were first released in 1993. My favorite is this storybook written and illustrated by Tim Burton. The book is told entirely in rhyme and contains many of the hallmark moments fans will remember from the movie. Burton is a very talented artist and the movie took advantage of this in the development of it’s animated counterparts. All your favorites from the movie are here with the exception of Sally and the Mad Scientist. T

I recently re-read the story after many years and enjoyed it just as much as  the first time around. This is wonderful to read to children on Christmas Eve or any time between Halloween and Christmas. I’m looking forward to picking up the 20th Anniversary edition to add to my collection.

Also look for a variety of Nightmare products at the Disney store and at Barnes & Noble stores across the USA.


My anxious life said...

Love this story/movie so much! Your header is great for October!

fakesteph said...

My parents wouldn't let me watch this movie when it first came out, but I have friends who LOVE it. I should probably watch it this month!