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HallowREADS Review: A Midsummer Nights Scream by R.L.Stine



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I would call this book “Horror junk food”. It’s enjoyable, easily consumed, and tasty! I missed out on the Stine craze in the eighties with the exception of a few episodes of Goosebumps. Mostly because my teen reading years were consumed by Fantasy and Science Fiction. So when I saw this book was aimed at teen readers with a touch of Shakespeare, I knew I wanted to check it out.



This book centers around Claire and her families efforts to remake a classic horror film that never made it to the big screen because of three tragic on set deaths. Claire is excited to have a small role in the film that she has fought hard to earn. She is also excited that her best friend and crush Jake are also working on the film.

Claire’s family owns the studio lock stock and barrel. So not only do the have the classic footage, but also the original wardrobe and sets.

However early into filming history repeats itself in shocking ways and the entire shoot is in danger along with the actors lives. There is also the presence of the mysterious Benny Puckerman. Claire stumbles across Benny’s trailer and his various potions including a love potion that Claire is craving to try on Jake. No one else has seen Benny and Claire herself begins to doubt their interactions until the night of her big party and the final act of Mayhem Manor.

There were some really cool dark bits in this tale and a lot of humor. It’s a quick read and perfect for teens.


This is my 3rd book for R.I.P VIII



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