Monday, October 14, 2013

HallowREADS Review: The Thief Of Always

halloween-Kai 3



Harvey Swick is looking out the window at a cold February rain when he makes a wish. A desperate wish for adventure and a relief from boredom.   His wish is granted by the appearance of the mysterious Rictus who leads him to a special house in the woods of his nearby home. In this house Harvey experiences a freedom he hasn't felt before. Every night is Halloween, Christmas is once a week and everything he could ever wish for is granted. But as time passes Harvey starts to notice cracks in the placid surface of his new home. Time has become hazy and his attempts to return to his old life are thwarted.

Thief blends Fantasy with a childhood coming of age story similar to Bradbury’s The Halloween tree. Clive’s illustrations are an added treat to the overall story and really help set the scenes for Harvey’s adventures.
This is a wonderful middle grade to teen read that really showcases the range of Clive’s writing talents. Just the right balance of chills! A great standalone read.

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