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HallowREADS Spotlight on Tor Books : Shadows, Monsters & Cloudie




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I received  complimentary copies of these books in exchange for sharing my thoughts on them


Some wonderful Tor books passed my way recently so I wanted to spotlight them with some mini-reviews.




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Wolf Moon Rising



I haven’t seen a lot of Dark Shadows but I know enough to enjoy this first volume in a new series by Lara Parker. This story weaves in some new adventures with Barnabas well as David Collins the current heir whose love Jacqueline, a is the reincarnation of Angelique, one of Dark Shadows most beloved characters. David & Jacqueline find themselves transported back in time to the Prohibition Era where they find themselves uncovering secrets of the Collins family.

Parker is a perfect guide for this series . Her history with the show and all its character coupled with her personal imagination, made it really enjoyable. This book is wonderfully atmospheric with just the right touch of Gothic amidst the roaring 20’s !





I loved the gothic nature of this story.A castle on a Scottish Cliffside with a reputation for being haunted draws the attention of David Ash, a ghost hunter and parapsychologist. The Castle is all Ash expected and so much more. Such a chilling read! I devoured this book in a day! The book still stays with me, perfect Fall read :)



Monsters Of The Earth


I took a bit of a chance reading this book because its from a series I haven't read before.  So while it took me a bit to get up to speed the writing and magical elements in this story are amazing. It’s a blend of history, myth and magic. I will be keeping up with future books in the series. 



Jack Cloudie


This is the fifth in a series so their was a lot of history to catch up on. Good writing wins out however as I quickly became fond of Jack and really enjoyed the airship adventuring.Omar’s story was equally enjoyable and it was nice to get his story from the beginning. I also like the dramatic tension of the two characters lives coming closer and closer to intersecting.A wonderful use of Steampunk story tropes and technologies.


Once again a wide range of fantastical offerings from Tor. More reviews from them soon!

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