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HallowREADS Spotlight : Star Wars Reads! Chills from a Galaxy Far, Far Away



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Happy Star Wars Reads Day ,The Sequel! Last year this event had a wonderfully successful kick off at libraries and bookstores across the USA. Now its time for the sequel! I had a really great time at the Barnes & Noble event last year and my local library is hosting an event this year that I’m looking forward to attending.

So today (like most days) I’ll be celebrating Star Wars! Along with sporting my favorite Her Universe attire I’ll be reading these books:

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Since I’m in the midst of my HallowREADS celebration I though I would share some of my favorite Expanded Universe Reads that dip into the Dark Side :


This is the second book in the Origami Yoda series  that focuses  on the trouble maker Harvey and his folded terror Darth Paper! Building on the strong foundation of the Origami Yoda book, this volume also touches on some serious issues like bullying and special education. Harvey is quite the scene stealer and he revels in the chaos that his puppet has on his classmates.


A Force of Undead

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Zombie Stormtroppers ? YES ! I couldn't wait to see how Joe would bring zombie infection to the Star Wars Universe and I wasn't disappointed . Red Harvest is a prequel to Death Troopers. It shows us the origins of the virus and has a strong female protagonist.


SITH Origins


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From the Old Republic to Episodes I-III we get the origin stories of two heavy hitters of the Sith. The Darth Bane trilogy has great action and characters that compliment the story as it shares with readers the foundation of the Sith teachings.


Darth Plagueis gives us insight into the machinations of the man who would be Emperor!

So how are you guys spending today?

Happy Reading & May The Force Be With You

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