Monday, October 21, 2013

HallowREADS Zombie Spotlight: Love & Decay Episode 1 by Rachel Higginson

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It’s such an amazing time to be a Zombie fan! Books, Movies and TV continue to feed the ravenous craving of us Undead Fans. I discovered this series through a twitter mention and when I went to add it to my wishlist ( Book Buying Ban is still in force!) I was so excited to see the first chapter was free!

So with the variety of Zombie product in the market you would think every niche was filled right? Nope! Rachel blends several tropes together: the action buddy team, romance in worst of times, humor, and a exploration of the long term hygienic effects of a Zombie apocalypse( leg hair gone wild!). All of these different threads blend together wonderfully.
What I loved from  the opening page of this story was Reagan’s “voice”. Regan is extremely funny in a world without much fun. Through her inner monologues we learn that the world fell  due to the side effect of a herpes vaccine.
Because of that Regan has been on the run with her best friend Haley for over 600 days.  While making a supply run for clean clothes and OMG! Makeup! The two find themselves trapped  until the timey intervention of other survivors: Hendrix and his brothers. Regan feels an immediate connection with Hendrix but it’s not one she can afford to indulge.
After a rough start  the two girls earn the trust of the the group of  boys and their young sister Page. That trust is put to the test as their safe haven is attacked by a horde of the Undead.  This is such a finely balanced first Chapter. Rachel gives enough time to character development, flirtation and action. There is a logical progression to events in the story and for the group to unite and face this dark world together.
I cannot wait to dive into the other chapters in this series. There are eight chapters available right now with more to come. Be sure to check out this great series!


This is my 4th story for R.I.P. VIII

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