Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Share 11: Reading, Watching, Walking




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Happy Sunday! My HallowREADS celebration is in full swing, so I hope you take some time to read some posts.


I’m in the midst of finishing the FrightFall Readathon and have a bunch of individual readalongs to catch up on next week:


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MacTeen books is hosting and Enclave Readalong that start tomorrow and runs through the 18th Tweet Pictures or quotes from the book with the hashtag #ReadEnclave for a chance at some prizes.


Unputdownables is hosting the Northanger Abbey readalong and I need to catch up on Macbeth!


31 in 31

I saw a post challenging readers to watch thirty one horror movies that are live streaming on Netflix. Though I’m starting really late I’m taking the challenge!

I’m going to start with these:


Universal Horror movies were my first introduction to the Horror genre. As a child the astounded and chilled me! as an adult watching them fills me with nostalgia and an appreciation for how filmmakers accomplished so much with limited effects and marvelous actors. I watched these two today:

dracula_1931_review  51niyFJTTsL__SY300_

These movies are also 60-80 minutes so I can go through 2 or three a day towards my goal :)

Seeking of nostalgia I saw these at the dollar store and I had to buy a set:


These are Mexican Jumping Beans !  You can learn more about them HERE



I loved these as a kid. The beans jump around when they are heated by the sun or held in the hand. I never really thought why but reading the site I discovered that there are actually moth larvae  in the beans and the rattling is them moving around eating the nourishment in the bean:


That totally freaks me out! Still I'm  going to keep them around for a while before planting them in the dirt to hatch :)


This is my fifth day of the #BookBlogWalkers challenge to walk 30 mins for 30 days. I’m hoping to make this a habit for a while to meet my fitness goals.




Total books read so far 285!

Happy Reading Everyone!

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