Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Share 12: Cthulhu State of Mind




Kai Sunday Share 1

Happy Sunday! Thanks to Michelle for the amazing graphic. I’m officially making this a weekly Memo so feel free to grab the graphic and do a post of your own. If a big following develops I’ll add a linky! The goal of Sunday Share is spotlight some of the events of your previous week, share review books or any other book related events, and maybe showcase what you will be reading or doing in the following week. Here is what I’ve been up to:


I’ve still been meeting with my regular Edge of Empire RPG group but Saturday I had the chance to play a different game:



I loved that it was a Horror based RPG :) I had the usual nervousness when playing something new but it quickly dissipated thanks to my stellar GM Kristine and a really great group of players. Call relies heavily on investigation techniques and even has sanity checks thanks to the creepy encounters your character encounters. Our investigation of a mysterious home lead to a bed that moved on its own and dripped blood and a flying knife that stabbed people!

I also experienced my first RPG death:( My fellow investigator was possessed by an entity and then stabbed me! ACK! The whole experience will be on a future podcast produced by Fanboy Comics



Comixology is having an amazing Horror sale and  so I brought this four issue mini-series. Its about four people whose lives get drawn together to stop a plot by some Cthulhu cultists. Really creepy read perfect for the time of year!




These are the books I’m going to be focusing on this week:


I've had this anthology since last June! I picked it up because of author Cindy Pon’s mention of it online and I’m so happy to discover that its full of racially diverse characters and authors. I loved Tobias’s answer for why he writes diverse stories set in the future: “Its the future face of the world. It’s us. All of us. And we deserve to be seen in the future, having adventures, setting foot on those strange new worlds”



I’m about to delve into the Hellraiser franchise of movies on Netflix, so I thought I would start with a re-read of the source novella. Love Clive.



Must finish 3:59 since its due at the library ! Also want to finish and review the familiars for Halloween


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Reading Stats

I’ve crossed the 300 mark on Goodreads! I want to sort out the novellas and Gn’s at some point to get a true count but I’m happy to be clearing things off my shelves :)


Review Books

I’ve been sure to get my review books under control because of the impeding nanopalooza! So I’m hoping to read all of these next week:


From Quirk Books

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Telemachus Press


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I just got the Geek's guide as well! Should be an interesting self help book haha.