Friday, November 8, 2013

Clean Out Your E-Reader Graphic Novel Roundup







Today is day 9 of the Blog Post a day Event. The prompt today is to talk about how blogging everyday has changed you. One of the things I’ve noticed is hw late I post ! I have a solid blog schedule but their have been a few days where time has been a factor so I’ve posted late. So here is my post today with some graphic novel reviews for my E-reader challenge




I received these graphic novel downloads from Netgalley in exchange for a review.


Robyn Hood: Wanted




I was really interested in this book because of the archery element. This is a different take on the Robin Hood myth. Robyn is actually a resident of of our Earth who has the ability to drop into another dimension, where her skills make a different to the populace and make her a hero. When this story starts however she is not in the best of circumstances. In our world she is a wanted murder and she makes the questionable decision to confront her stepfather at knife point. 


Robyn is in handcuffs when she is rescued by Will and taken back to the alternate world where her circumstances aren't much improved due to a vicious sheriff.


Some promising elements but Overall I didn’t really get much of Robyn’s justifications for most of her actions. Entertaining overall. 






There has been a trend in comics to continue successful TV shows as comics. In this X-files series we get a chance to see what a season 10 would have been like. We find Scully and Mulder living under assumed names and trying to have a normal life. Danger follows them of course and is also chasing down the whereabouts of Scully’s son. This book really captured the vibe of the original series especially the creepy factor.




This book is a Godzilla fans dream! With just enough set up and a few relatable characters the book moves on to epic monster battles! I really loved the art on this and also seeing some of my favorite monsters like Mothra :) Really well done.




Happy Reading Everyone!

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