Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Clean Out Your E-Reader Update & Mini-Challenges










Hello Everyone! We are past the midway point for the event and I’m happy to say my Kindle app is completely free of unread free books! It feels great! My goal for the next two weeks is to clear out all my netgalley reads and tackle as many of my free nook E-books as possible.




Music & Books challenges us to make an Acrostic poem with the title of one of reads:





Holed Up, shaking in fear

                               At home in the school but safe for how long?

                                    Vicious undead try to get in, scraping , scraping

                                   Eat them, eat them is what the zombies want.

                                 New love may be threatened by dark secrets





Books Read:


I’ve read a total of 17 Books and novellas, including these:








13121442  18745632




Wow are you guys doing?

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Lexxie Lin said...

That's a great poem! You should link to it over at Music plus Books so you'll get some more people over here :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews