Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Men Of Marvel Review: Thor: The Trials OF Loki by Aguirre-Sacasa & Fiumara









For thousands of Marvel movie fans this is the very sexy face of Loki:




Sigh. Let’s take a moment to bask in the glory that is Tom :) The wonderful thing about the Marvel franchise is that its fully accessible to new fans. Many of these fans become interested in the source material, but there is an overwhelming amount of comics history to sort through. This volume is a great place to start. The trials of Loki is an origin story of sorts set around the most defining moments in Loki’s life. The opening issue story shows Loki living of the grid in a deserted cave on Earth (Midgard). Loki isn't using his powers or even using the bare necessities like fire. He still is discovered. Thor walks into Loki’s camp and sits with him, grief-stricken about what his brother has done, the reason Thor has come to bring him back to Asgard.


In his quest for fame and respect Loki has accomplished what was thought impossible, he killed his brother, the heart of Thor’s family:  Balder. This act is more than pain for Thor’s immediate family, Balder’s death  is destined to bring about Ragnarok the death of all the gods.

Loki doesnt celebrate his victory publicly. He has used manipulation to gain Balder’s death and now he goes on a journey to Hel with Thor to try to bargain for Balder’s return. Yet even when a chance of redemption presents itself Loki cannot take it. It is not his nature and he welcomes his nature.


This was a wonderful self contained story that really gives insight into the painful bonds between brothers and Gods. All the characters in this story are present in the current Thor movies as well as some characters that are staples in Norse myths. Gorgeous art and a satisfying end that gives readers a look at the dynamic between brothers.

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