Monday, November 11, 2013

NaBloPoMo: Day 10 Sunday Share 15








Kai Sunday Share 2


Happy Sunday! I’m not feeling 100 percent! So the past few days I’ve been laying in bed reading. I'm doing some great challenges this month that are helping me clear out my electronic TBR pile. I also have had a chance to read some great review books:



Review Books Received:


!! Was sooo happy to get Bloodstone from TOR It’s become one of my favorite fantasy series. Johnny Hiro is aslso a great series by tour.




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I picked up this from the library and immediately put it on my buy list. This is such a great resource for literary history and I’ve already put three of the books covered on my wishist. Great read!




This series continues to creep me out in all the best ways. The only complaint is the price point for the E-books. Its a little pricey considering the number of pages so I get them from the library :)





I’m really looking to get back to eating a lot less dairy and even meat, but I love holiday sweets. This book has some recipes for cookies and cakes that don't have tons of sugar.



Hope you guys had a great week!

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