Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NaBloPoMo : Day 12 : Five Things In My Refrigerator


This is such a fun prompt! The challenge is to write about 5 things in my fridge and how I feel about them:)

1) 2 pomegranates_ I always feel like  fall is truly here when these are in season and also I need to hurry and eat them.

2) Half a bag of reeses peanut butter cups. I’ve enjoyed munching on these every since the day after Halloween. They are really yummy :)
3) Left over pollo loco. Cold chicken is yummy chicken :)
4) A can of coke. Need the caffeine for nanowrimo!
5)Apple Butter- Another fall favorite really need to buy some bread to enjoy it!

1 comment:

Vasilly said...

Now I want a pomegranate!! :-)