Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day Day 6 Cultivating Willpower








I love comics. One of my favorite comic book character is Hal Jordan from Green Lantern. For those not familiar, green Lanterns have a power ring that makes constructs based on the wearers imagination, Developing a habit can be hard but worthwhile.

Last month I joined a group of bloggers in a challenge to walk/ exercise 30 mins a day for thirty days. I succeeded and not only lost weight but also won a book :)




Willpower does require consistency and also surrender . I wanted to continue with the program in November but I only walked Friday and Sunday before getting sick on Monday. I also started #Nano on the first and am behind on my goals so far.




Yet I know that I have the capacity to follow through. My willpower muscle has been activated and I always have the capacity to flex it!

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