Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Nick And Tesla’s High Voltage Danger Lab By Pflugfelder & Hockensmith






I received a complimentary copy of this book from Quirk in exchange for a review.


This book had a Series of Unfortunate Events vibe to it, yet with a touch of scientific exploration. Nick and Tesla Holt have been sent to live with their Uncle Newt for the summer. The brother sister duo are used to being on their own since their parents are scientist and world travelers. Their Uncle Newt however is a casebook absentminded scientist . the kids are pretty much left to fend for themselves as they adapt to their new neighborhood.

One thing Uncle Newt does provide is fun. He gives the pair a special place in his lab and their first experiment is a bottle rocket and launcher. After the first test Nick and Tesla loose the racket to the back yard of an abandoned house. Their attempts to retrieve it form the crux of this adventure and allow the developments of several fun inventions that readers can reproduce at home.


I really enjoyed Nick and Tesla’s story. The writers do a great job of developing the characters and the dialogue was very realistic. I especially loved Tesla’s personality. The science experiments included in the book are easy to follow and really fit in with the narrative of the story.

Perfect book for middle grade readers and as a family fun project.


Anonymous said...

Adding this to my list of possible-presents-for-nephews (and nieces, but the current age-appropriate niece wouldn't be into it).

High Voltage Testing said...

Thanks for this, I really appreciate what you have done here. Keep it up, and I will be back for more.

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