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Review: Razors Edge by Martha Wells







I received a complimentary copy of this book for participating in the Razor’s Edge Blog Tour



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I’m always chasing Leia. She is the definitive female character that shaped what I always search for in popular culture. I find her in Ripley from the Alien franchise, Korra from Avatar, Ahsoka Clone Wars and of course Padme from the prequels.

When I discovered The EU novels I was pleased to see more of Leia’s adventures especially in the Heir to the Empire trilogy. Razor’s Edge however has quickly become the novel in my opinion for truly capturing all that I love about Leia as well as infusing the franchise with some much needed diversity. I was also really impressed that Del Rey chose to spotlight the diversity and the other wonderful characters Martha introduces in the novel through illustrations revealed throughout the Blog Tour.

Fangirl Blog had some excusive reveals of the cast of this book including the lovely Sian Tesar:



I love her so much! Not just because of the color of her skin, but also because she is smart, fierce and a Rebel. I’ve always know in my heart Star Wars was for everyone and Martha has effortlessly made that much truer. Ok enough sappiness lets get to the review :)


Razor’s Edge focuses on the Rebellions activities before The Empire Strikes Back. Leia is in charge of a mission to gather some much needed supplies for their Hoth Base when disaster strikes. The crew of her ship is attacked and a few desperate light speed jumps land them in the company of pirates. Leia prepares to negotiate but her confidence is shaken when she learns these pirates are refugees from her recently destroyed home world Alderaan.

Leia is determined to help the pirates see the error of their ways and possibly join the Rebellion but she continues to hit roadblocks both physical and emotional while trying to root out a possible spy amongst her people and escape an Imperial presence.

Wells deftly guides the narrative of this story. The plot progresses at a steady pace and all our favorite characters are wonderfully rendered. I especially loved the interplay between Han and Leia. Martha really managed to bridge the gap between their relationship from Episodes IV-V. The pairs attraction for each other is very apparent but must take a back seat to the Rebellion’s demands on Leia’s time. Martha also captures the teasing/argumentative nature of their relationship and the fact that others seem to  recognize how important Han is to her before she does!


Stellar Read! My dearest hope is that Martha will be able to one day write Leia again and that the wonderful secondary characters in the book become a larger part of the EU Universe.

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