Wednesday, November 27, 2013

sci-fi month Spotlight: Science Fiction Comics







I was so excited when I saw this event from rinn reads I decided right away I wanted to contribute! Today I want to spotlight some amazing comic books that are covering unique aspects of science fiction themes we know and love.

All of these books can be found at a local comic shop which you can find through HERE or through the digital app Comixology which can be downloaded on all apple products and through Google Play.


Letter 44

Charles Soule & Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque


Imagine your a newly elected president and you find a letter on your brand new desk. Is it the metaphoric keys to the kingdom from the departing president? No. Instead the current president learns that an Alien race had been spotted several years ago and an international crew of astronauts is on their way to investigate. I have a bad feeling about this! Gorgeous art and writing . I’m looking forward to issue two which releases today.


The Bunker

Joshua Fialkov & Joe Infurnari

How much of our fate/future is truly in our hands? A group of friend discover a Bunker that contains letters and journals from their future selves. These documents reveal that the actions of these friends will one day destroy the world as we know it. Can the future be changed? Or are they fated to destroy the world?


Image Comics

I brought this series solely because of the amazing artist Amy Reeder. I've since fallen in love with the story. Rocket girl has come to the past to stop a group of scientists from finishing an experiment that endangers her future. This is the book to give to any young girl that has a love for manga or is curious about comics.



Dark Horse

This company has consistently published really cool adventures for Star wars fans.

The Star Wars is a comic adaptation of Lucas’s original script for Episode IV. Really unique reading experience.



This comic takes place after the destruction of the Death Star and show our favorite band of Rebels trying to find a new base.

Dark Horse Comics - SW1


This series chronicles the adventures of  Ania Solo a future descendant of Han and Leia Solo. This isn't the galaxy fans of the original trilogy remember but its an amazing series. The first trade collection of the individual issues is now available on Netgalley




The adventures of a bunch of comic outcasts who band together to protect the Earth from potential alien invaders. Wonderful sci-fi action with firm ties to the Marvel Universe. This series is also being made into a motion picture.



The wake combines the action and adventure of a classic science fiction monster tale. Two women in two different centuries are involved with creatures that rise from the depths of the oceans to try to conquer the mainland. the art is stunning and atmospheric and I love that the story is told through the eyes of two amazing women.


Trillium is a time travel romance. Two people from two different time periods are linked due to a mysterious temple and the magical properties of flower that exists in both their realities.


Valiant Comics


Harbinger are the adventures of one powerful teen and the foundation he comes in contact with. Peter has lived a life of isolation struggling with his power to hear and manipulate the thoughts of others. When he comes to the attention of the Harada foundation he thinks he has found a home amongst fellow psychics. Things aren't that easy, and Peter soon finds himself on the run and attracting a group of similarly talented teens to his side. I've loved watching this story unfold and love the strong female characters that stand by Peter in his fight.







Hope I’ve interested you in trying one or more of these great books. Happy Reading!

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Rinn said...

I particularly like the sound of Bunker! Gotta love anything time-travel related =)
I've read that Star Wars: Legacy book, it had some lovely art and colour schemes but the plot wasn't brilliant.