Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Share 14: Fangirling, Writing & Reading






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Sunday share is a weekly memo where I share my reading, geeking and other events of the previous week. grab a button and join me!



Books On Tap


If you haven't read Any books by Lisa yet you are seriously missing out! I’m now reading bang the second book in her visions series and I’m really loving it! I just finished Chapter 12  and its full of  humor and truth about falling in love. I don't think I’ve ever read such a wonderful description . A wonderful series.

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Netgalley Clear Out


It’s only the 2nd of the month but I feel so behind! I’m hoping to get through some of these this week for:



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Ah! I had so much fun yesterday!! My inner fangirl was in heaven! There were some wonderful panels and lot of shopping!

T-shirts and Pop figures and some really great zombie stuff :) I’m so fortunate to be living near so many great conventions!





Today is make up day for nano between clients and cleaning! my current word count is 1,400


Happy Sunday! What’s been going on with you? Share

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