Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Men of Marvel Now: Review: Gambit Tombstone Blues








*Sigh* Gambit! Kitty and Colossus  are my favorite X-men couple but Gambit? Definitely my first comic book crush :) Who could resist that chiseled face, deep violet eyes and Cajun swagger? No one! In the 90’s , X-men was the foundation of my comics reading and so I was there from the beginning with Gambit and have watched his character develop over the years. Gambit brought sexy to the Anti-Hero trope and his relationship with rogue is one of my favorite X-men love stories.


With the Marvel Now reboot Gambit received his own monthly book. Tombstone Blues collect volume 8-12 of the new series. Issue 8 is a stand alone tale in which Gambit goes on a rescue mission to  the Forever City. Picture giant creepy creatures, lots of action and a neatly tied up ending that leads into the nest story Arc. And being Gambit the arc involves a very lovely woman. Joelle is someone Remy is both attracted to and wary of. Her mission is taking her to dark dangerous places and Remy is torn between his self preservation and gentlemanly natures. The art on this series is gorgeous! The characters are gorgeously rendered and Gambit’s costume manages to keep the trademark look since his inception without looking dated .


After the events in issue 8 Gambit makes his choice and dives in in his quest to “save” Joelle, a woman who really doesn't need or want Gambit’s help but is willing to use him to her advantage. From club fights to, secret arctic bases the hunt is on to find a cure for Joelle’s daughter and avoid Tombstones goons. And for an extra dash of fun Rogue shows up to join the fray.


This was  a really great read. What the Marvel Now reboot has really succeeded at is telling entertaining story arc’s that aren't bogged down by previous continuity but manage to keep what longtime fans have loved about their favorite characters. My heart did a little happy dance seeing Rouge and Gambit fighting side by side. Asmus does a great job with them. Their personal chemistry shines through and the door to future stories together seems open. I will definitely continue reading the series.

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