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Women of Marvel Review: Rogue Touch by Christine Woodward








Hyperion/ Marvel



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Rogue is one of my favorite Comic Book characters . So I was really excited to see Marvel and Hyperion teaming up to create a series of YA novels focusing on Rogue and She Hulk. Many female fans have become fans of the Marvel movie franchises so this was a really smart move.


About fifty pages into this book I realized that the comics fan in me wasn't going to be fully satisfied with this read so I just sat back and enjoyed it as a YA fantasy.

This book covers the period of time between Rogue’s (Anna Marie) first manifestation of her power and her joining of the X-Men. Anna is not having the best of time. Her power to absorb the life and memories of others with just a touch, really limits her employment opportunities. She loses her latest job at a bakery and is forced to seek state assistance.

Anna’s days then become a series of job searches and fighting to survive when James steps into her life. James seems to be in worse shape then Anna. He is starving and seems confused with how the simplest things work in the world.

James disappears for awhile but when he returns he is more lucid and more determined to have Anna in his life. James’ life however is not so simple. He has a power of his own and comes from the future. A future that desperately needs Anna’s power.

In this future world Anna is not a freak and she opens her heart to James and plans to fight for their future.  This story really didn't go in the direction I thought it would but I really enjoyed Christine’s writing style. The prose really resonates with the mood of the story and the struggles Anna would face in a world that she cannot ever truly feel. I would love to see Christine write a story with Anna  and the X-men at some point:) This is a great book for someone interested in a solid YA read with a touch of SF. Nicely done.

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