Thursday, December 5, 2013

12 Days: Day 5: Gift Guides- Star Wars Gifts






There are some amazing Star Wars themed gifts out in the world. This is just a small sampling of the cool items I’ve come across:


Her Universe


For the favorite Fangirl in your life  Her Universe now has gift cards! I also love the new designs below! I’ve worn the Hope shirt everyday since I got it!






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This book isn't available till January but you can pre-order it for your favorite Sith. I really enjoyed this book it has a lot of insight into Maul’s past along with being an action packed book.



I was fortunate to get an advanced review copy of this book, It’s amazingly fun and I would love to see it performed live. As the title implies its the entire story of Episode IV in play format that also includes some really fun dialogue from R2 D2.




The Origami Yoda series continues to be my favorite middle grade series. This Year saw the release of a Doodle and craft book and book four in the series: Jabba The Puppet.



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The author of Vader and Son has written a wonderful illustrated story about a young would be pilot that turns out to be a force sensitive. Throughout the series we will watch Roan grow in his powers and accept his fate. The book is told in journal format so there are some really cute doodles on the margins and even some notes from Yoda!



Target has some really cool ornaments this year:


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May the Force be With You in all your shopping !

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