Monday, December 2, 2013

12 Days Review: 8 Bit Christmas by Kevin Jakubowski



I received a complimentary download of this book in exchange for a review
DB Press

Quickly! Think back to that one gift you wanted for Christmas as a kid. The one you would just die if you didn't have it, do you have that memory? Cool. those feelings are the crux of this wonderful holiday read. Its the late eighties and the local neighborhood rich kid has received a Nintendo system for his birthday. It sets young Jake Doyle and his friends worlds on fire. The rich kid now has every kid in the neighborhood in the palm of his hands. Every Saturday the lucky ten are granted access into the hallowed basement where video games rule the day.

As Christmas approaches Jake and his friends begin a campaign with parents, and grandparents to get the coveted gaming system. Jake is no different and as the weeks pass he tries to be the best he can be. Until tragedy strikes. In a vigorous gaming session( aka rich jerk is a sore loser and starts kicking his TV), a dog is crushed under the television and suddenly parents start to take notice and launch a campaign on “video game violence”. Soon the games are banned in the surrounding towns and Jakes 8 bit dreams are crushed. Or are they ? Jake rounds up a posse of kids to share their money and buy a system. Will he succeed or will his 8 Bit dreams be dashed?

This was such a fun read! If you were a kid or teen in the 80’s you will laugh and nod at a lot of the situations Jake and his friends experience. I loved the characters and the ending was very sweet but not what I expected.  This definitely has the potential to be “A Christmas Story” for the 80’s generation. :)

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