Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday Share: 16 DVR Cleanup & Reading Highlights







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Happy Sunday! One of the problems with a very active reading and blogging life is that TV viewing can really fall by the wayside. For a while now I’ve had over 50 recorded shows! This week however I found some time to catch up and here is what I finished:

Orphan Black

This series is so amazing! The last five episodes are action packed and really shake things up for Season 2. The actors in this show are wonderful, especially the lead Tatiana. Pure joy!

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Defiance has been on my DVR since last summer! Another show that I really enjoyed with amazing Science Fiction themes and great acting. Cant wait for season two!


Sword Art Online

This anime series focus on a group of gamers who get stuck in a virtual world. The players discover that if they die in the game they also die in the real world which leads to a lot of desperate players making desperate choices. I've really enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen so far.



Reading Life

I received review copies of Revelations and Alliance, both second books in a series so I snapped up the first ones from the library. I’m really enjoying Renegade. A hundred pages in and I’m really intrigued by the setting and the mystery concerning the underground kingdom call Elysium.


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One of the creators of the fan favorite and extremely quirky show Twin Peaks Is the creator of this series. I'm hearing positive buzz about both books so I’m looking forward to reading them.

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Library Books

Scored both of these pop culture themed books from the new books shelf at my library. 


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So how was your week? Share!

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Pamela D said...

I still need to start watching Orphan Black. I keep hearing awesome things about it.