Sunday, December 22, 2013

Sunday Share 17: The Week To Come




Kai Sunday Share 3


Happy Sunday!! Tomorrow is my last day of work before my small  Christmas break. Because of the nature of my job (Massage Therapist) Taking time off means not getting paid so I won’t be taking a week off but I do have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday off. Excited! All my family is on the east coast so I will be having a Pre-Holiday breakfast with a good friend, talking walks and doing yoga and of course my favorite holiday pastime: Reading and Watching Binges! 


The Books

I will be reading mostly Physical books next week and they all happen to be series reads:


First In Series:


85430  11193959


17182126  13414545

Second in Series:


 17332261  17332264





Reading Life

I’m closing in at 300+ reads this year according to goodreads, a lot of those are novellas and Graphic Novels/Manga but I’m still proud of what I’ve accomplished this year. My unread physical books are under 50 and I would really like to finish them all by January 31st, 2014.



My E-books are sort of under control, My book buying freeze has ended yet I find myself still using the library first and so far I’ve only used giftcards to buy books.



Favorite Reads of The Week


The last in Lisa’s Kindle series came out last Monday and it was the perfect ending, full of humor and holiday cheer. I highly suggest this series! I loved it so much I gave the entire set to a reader last week.


This Kindle freebie does everything a free novella should: It was very entertaining, had a SCORCHING HOT love scene and made me immediately add the author to my buy list. Its also Free. Oh yeah there was a Christmas theme as well and a hilarious use of “ We must have sex or die” trope. Loved IT!



TV Watching


I Only have 15 recordings left in my DVR. SOOO Happy! I have episodes of Sleepy Hollow and The returned that I hope to dig into this afternoon.



Favorite’s of the Week


I finally know why everyone was raving about AHS Coven, I’m completely caught up and loving it!

For Doctor who fans Christmas Day brings a Christmas Special and this one will be kind of sad since the current doctor is leaving the show. So I’ve been having a Whoathon, watching my favorite DVD's and buying new ones:







Have a wonderful Sunday and a Happy Holiday! What has your week been like? Share!

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Pamela D said...

Yea for Steelheart! I can't wait to read that book. :)