Monday, December 30, 2013

The Organized Geek: Enter 2014 With A Neat & Cataloged Collection


Happy New Year Week! One of the traditions my mother kept for many years was organizing our home before the New Year. She believed in not taking any old energy into the New Year so the days leading up to New Years Eve were a flurry of cleaning and sorting! There was often some hidden treasure discovered during this time: a book or toy long since forgotten, missing socks, glasses and even shoes. I keep that tradition every year but over time I’ve been starting earlier and earlier so I don't have that rushed feeling. This is the first year I’ve tackled my geeky collections.

Why Sort ?
I love that feeling of a clean and sorted area. It’s like I breathe a bit easier and see old things in new light. As a geek however it’s important to have a list of what we have to avoid duplicate buying and if you ever decide to insure your collection.

Sorting Tools
As shown above these are the tools you could possibly use in your task:
Arrow Post it notes

Hard Copy First
I started my inventory with a journal and a pencil. Using arrow tabs I wrote the following categories:
Graphic Novels
Star Wars
DC complete: Series that have been canceled our that I dropped from my pull list
Marvel & Independent complete : Same as above
SDCC Exclusives
Funko POP’s
Digital Comics
Stuffed Animals
I really enjoyed doing this, it was fun to relive some great memories of places I’ve geeked and to look at some colleftibles I’ve had for 20 plus years.
I didn't spend much time on digital content since my Comixology and other Digital apps do that already. I did however search through my nook to update the graphic novels I bought.

Signed Items

The biggest task for me was measuring all the signed posters and sketches I’ve gotten at cons over the past few years, I often will see frame sales but didn’t know the right sizes. Now I have a list of all the posters I want framed.

Display vs. Donate
Going through my collection I decided I want to display my treasures a lot more, I already rotate my Funko Pop’s regularly but I’m looking for a way to display my action figures. I also found a few toys and novelties to donate to children's charities.  
T-Shirt Round Up
Ok so I got a bit anal during this part! I separated my shirts into various piles: Con shirts, Star Wars shirts and miscellaneous. So many Her Universe goodies!

The Miscellaneous Box
There are some collectibles that just aren't that easy to sort: DC comics poker chips, loose action figures, key chains. I got a colorful, sturdy box from Target and use that to sort loose collectibles I don't want to get rid off but want to be stored neatly.

The Next Step
So now that you have a binder full off Information, some neatly stacked collections and shirts what's next ?

Back It Up
Take the time to enter all your info into your computer. Be sure to use something that’s easily accessible on many platforms: Google Docs, Comic sites that let you upload your collection, even an email to yourself in the saved box on your phone.
Make a Wishlist
Are there any holes in your collection? With the 2014 Convention season coming up its good to have a list while you are shopping. Support your local library by looking for trades of some of your wishlist books, consider donating a graphic novel or manga book to your local branch to encourage growth of the libraries collection.
Make a goal to bring some of those stored treasures into the light. Clear one shelf to rotate new displays onto monthly.

Frame It
January is a great month for stock up sales and stores like Michael’s and Aaron Brothers have massive frame sales. Even if you lack space for all your posters and signed freebies, framing them all will allow a rotation to take place on your walls.

Hope this inspired you to get your Geek organized, let me know if there are any tips or tricks you use to sort and store your collectibles.
Happy New Year!!!


Sandy said...

The clean up and organizing in preparation for the New Year is a great idea. I've been putting off super cleaning and organizing my bedroom for the past couple of weeks but I think it's time to get started on that tonight after work. I won't be able to clean up the whole house in time for Wednesday but if I can get the important parts done (bathrooms and kitchen) that will be good.

Kelly said...

I love this post! I especially love the idea of organizing before the new year starts so you don't bring any old energy into the new year. Thanks for sharing. Though I don't have the same type of collections you have, I will likely implement some of your strategies into my own organizational projects. Happy New Year!