Monday, January 6, 2014

Flowers in The Attic Read-a-long Week 1










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I was a Fantasy and Science Fiction fan growing up. I didn’t get into Horror until High School and that’s when I first started seeing the V.C. Andrews books. I didn’t ever pick one up though. I’m not sure why, maybe the covers creeped me out but I knew at some point I wanted to read them. Now thanks to Unputdownables I’ve started book one of Flowers in The Attic.

I’m a hundred pages in and here are my thoughts on the story so far.

The Atmosphere

There is a definite feel to V.C.’s writing that is unique. Every time I start reading I’m sifted into Cathy’s world. The reader really feels her tension and confusion as her world is turned upside down. There is an overall feeling of bad things coming with every page turn.

The Characters

The abrupt change in the characters lives also affects how I feel about them. Cathy has a lot of strength that comes into play very early in the book . Her mother however really surprised me. She is a doting mother and proficient housekeeper but when her husband dies she immediately crumbles and the choice to return to her childhood home sets off the events of the novel.

Looking forward to reading the next few chapters.

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fredamans said...

Funny, I'm reading Flowers in the Attic for the movie-promo thing. It's not my first time reading it though.
Glad to see someone did a read-a-long for it!

Happy reading!