Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Geeky Week Bonus Review: Batman’66 The TV Stories by Fox, Finger, Kane & various





DC Comics




Before I discovered Superhero comics there were cartoons and reruns of the Adam West Batman series. That show was dear to my heart! I didn't notice the campiness of the show instead I saw action and adventure and great female characters.

Julie Newmar and Eartha  Kitt showed me that women could be sexy and fierce and they  often managed to get under bat’s skin. This collection of stories not only showcases some classic  stories from vintage Batman creators, but also stories that really reflect the tone of the TV series.

All of these stories were originally published between 1948 and 1966. My favorites were The Riddler where we see the origin of Batman's puzzling foe, the really long titled: A hairpin, A Hoe, A Hacksaw, A Hole in the Ground, Where we see Jokers “Cave” full of jewels and  spoils from all his jobs. However the Joker is bored so he concocts a series of strange crimes to keep his gang happy and to torment Batman and Robin.


I also loved the comic book debut of Barbara Gordon who was rocking the Princess Leia buns years before Star Wars. Though there are some stereotypical boring librarian tropes overall Barbara is a very strong character. She turns a costume party prank outfit into a crime fighting career. I couldn't help smile at her outfit changing. No phone booth for  this bright young woman, her hat turns into her cowl, her skirt becomes her cape and her shoes morph into bat books.

There are also some great appearances from the Penguin and Mister Freeze.


Such a wonderful collection! Highly recommend it!

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