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My Geeky Week: Loving Peter, Thoughts On The Amazing Spider-Man 700.1-700.5








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It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Spider-Man comic. Mostly because of One More Day a series where creators decided they wanted a single Peter Parker and picked a really weird way to accomplish it . I was not a fan.

When a new creative team took over Spidey’s adventures, under the helm of writer Dan Slott,I gave it a try and enjoyed it for a while.

Then came a major change . Spoilers ahead!!! Spider-Man’s major foe Doctor Octopus switched his mind with Peter’s and then Peter dies in Ock’s body. It was a lot to take in. The title then morphed into Superior Spiderman where we see Ock taking over all aspects of Peter’s life.



I couldn't get behind this change at all, and since then I haven’t read a Spider- Man comic. It’s an interesting place to be when one of your favorite characters is being helmed by a creative team you don't enjoy. I learned a lot about myself and Peter’s other fans during this change. There were a LOT of angry fans and Slott took a lot of abuse online for the changes. I however just stropped buying the books. But there continued to be a spider-Man shaped hole in my heart.


Then a couple a weeks ago I bought the mini-series The Amazing Spider-Man 700.1 thru 700.5., I adored them! MY Spidey was back and this series has been a wonderful experience overall. Here are my thoughts on the individual issues.

700.1 & 700.2


Two pages into this issue by Morrell and Janson and I was in heaven! The creative team really captures all the classic elements that make Peter Parker my favorite. Despite a day of rescuing Spider- Man is still considered a menace. As a major snow storm moves into the city Peter is separated from Aunt May and must choose between protecting the city or his family.

700.3 & 700.4

The Black Lodge


This next arc is by creators Joe Casey & Timothy Green. This story opens with Spidey facing down a flame throwing villain. It doesn't go well for Peter. Though he takes down the villain he is horribly burned. While unconscious Peter is taken to a secret Medical facility called the Black Lodge. These caregivers specialize in taking care of fallen villains, for a price.

There is also an amazing backup story in this issue called Cat & Mouse with The Black Cat. Written by Jen Van Meter and art by Emma Rios. Felicia is on a mission to “liberate” some art from a forgery expert. Luckily the target is hosting a costumed engagement party so the Cat has no problem slipping in. I loved the look of this story and the writing, the team managed to capture all aspects of Black Cat: her intelligence, wit and sexiness. I would by an ongoing book by this creative team in a a heart beat!


This issue concludes the Black Lodge Storyline with peter in a hospital full of villains who know Spider-Man is in the building. It’s an action packed breakout issue that was very satisfying.

The back up on this issue is Three O’ Clock High by Chapman & Rodriguez. A young boy hopes Spider-Man will help him with a bullying problem at school. This has a nice little story that discussed some important themes on bullying.


This issue really showcased how Peter can really shine in both a comedy and serious story. Reed & Chen’s Spider-Man & The Human Torch  Save The Universe, shows Johnny bursting into Spidey’s room desperate for his help. It seems that Future Johnny has come back to warn younger Johnny that a piece of equipment needs to be kept from Reed or the world will end. This story really played up the relationship between the two and it even had a cameo by Mary Jane.

What Would Spiderman Do

This was a really bittersweet story about the effect Spider-Man has on his fans as well as his enemies. A young boy tries to help Peter in a fight and ends up getting shot. While sitting at the hospital Peter begins to question his life and his career as Spider-Man. Really great story by Grevioux & Weeks.


This series just reinforced that I am totally #Team Peter when it comes to my favorite webhead. I really hope that the future brings more stories like these.


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When I get frustrated with a series or a TV show for that matter, I do what you do. I just stop buying it or stop watching it and just act like the series is over and that finale has happened. :)

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