Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Geeky Week Review: Age Of Ultron by Bendis, Hitch & Peterson









So a few years ago I threw my hands up in the air and yelled enough!!! With event comics. They always seemed to not really change anything and I hated that the events like Civil war lead directly into another event . So I took a break from them. Then Infinity came along and I just had to get it because my favorite characters the Inhumans were involved. I loved Infinity, mostly because the event had lasting results in the Marvel Universe, even spawning several books.


So I decided to revisit some of Marvel’s  older event books and that coincided with Comixology's 99 cents sale. Ultron has consistently been one of the Marvel Universes A list villains. At the start of this series we lean that Ultron has finally won control of the United states. Cities have been destroyed, heroes killed, and now the rest of planet is planning a nuclear strike to take everyone out.

The remaining heroes come up with a plan. They will go back in time and try to convince Hank Pym not to create Ultron at all. However once they are there Wolverine realizes that Pym can’t help himself so he makes a shocking choice. He kills Pym.


This leaves the Marvel Universe timeline reallllly screwed! so now the heroes need to find a way to fix what may be unfixable. This was a really well done series. I loved the action and the time travel angle but what really stood out for me is the repercussions that the end of this story previews. Some really big changes are coming for the marvel universe.

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