Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Yoga Year: January Update: Poses, DVD’s & Book Reviews

Hello Everyone! I kind of dropped the ball with my Yoga practice last year so this year I’m vowing to get on track, Day by Day, Month by Month and I’m inviting you along!

The wonderful thing about Netgalley  is there are books to support all your interests. I was excited to find these too yoga themed reads:

 Teresa Power & Kathleen Rietz
I received a complimentary download of the following books in exchange for a review.



This is such a lovely read. It’s a very accessible intro to yoga for families. Formatted as an Alphabet primer each page has an illustration of a yoga pose with instructions on how to do it. The author has done a great job at picking poses that have a low difficulty and are easy for kids to try. This book would be a wonderful way to get the family together for fun and stretching .

This book is a wonderful source of information for the beginning to intermediate Yogi. The book begins with defining the history of yoga practices and how the different limbs of yoga ( breath, yoga postures, concentration, meditation etc), and how to incorporate these practices into your everyday life. What I especially loved about this book is the clear cut explanations of the postures and their benefits. I also loved how the book showcases instructions on poses with tools readily available at home: Blankets, Towels etc.
I would caution those new to Yoga to ease into the poses and read the descriptions sever times before attempting them . I also highly suggest visiting Yoga Journal for video clips of various poses. A wonderful resource for a students Yoga Path.

My Monthly Practice

For January I want to  strengthen my lower back. I will be using this DVD:


And working on these two poses
Photos from Yoga Journal
Legs Up The Wall Pose

Corpse Pose

I will also be using this DVD:
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This is a great DVD for the mornings and evenings. There are over ten routines so you can really change it up daily.

See you all next month!!

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Pamela D said...

I need to start getting back into my own Yoga practice as well. I have started getting back into exercise again, and I have realized that I am so inflexible. I also really missed the meditative nature of it too.