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Review: Flesh & Bone by Jonathan Maberry











Here we are at volume three of the Rot & Ruin series. Maberry really has keep the readers heart rates up with this volume. Benny, Chong, Nix and Lilah have suffered a devastating loss. As the small band continues to move forward in their journey to locate a jet they saw flying through the Ruin, they must also deal with the emotional repercussions of losing their mentor. 


The group gets very little down time as they are introduced to the madness of the Reapers, a cult whose sole purpose is to destroy all life and at the end themselves for the glory of their God. The Reapers have developed a liquid that masks their scents from other zombies, the also use dog whistles to control the movements of the zombie hordes. 


This introduction and battle leaves one of the band brutally injured yet also brings them the answers about the jet and the group of humans that run Sanctuary , including a guest star from one of Maberry’s other novel franchises: Captain Joe Ledger. There are some really great bits in this book despite a lot of it being a set up for the fourth and final volume of the series Fire and Ash.


I’m such a fan of Jonathan’s portrayal of the female characters in this series, especially with Nix, a young woman we watch move through the many stages of grief. This volume takes it time setting up the new characters and situations which makes sense but also created some Chapters that moved slower then I enjoyed.


A solid entry in the ongoing series with enough twists to make the reader anxious for the final book in the series.


Bonus Review



Tooth & Nail is a novella that adds depth to some of the themes in Flesh & Bone and introduces some new characters. the first part of the novella shows us more of the hanger where the kids end up after finding the Jet. We are also introduced to a courageous  group of  girls who encounter the reapers for the first time. I’m sure these threads will all tie into the grand finale of the series.

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