Friday, January 17, 2014

Review: Vinland Saga Book 1 by Makoto Yukimura












Kodansha Comics


I was really intrigued by this cover so when I saw this first oversized volume for 50% off at Barnes & Noble, I snapped it up! I’m so glad I did!. This book works on a lot of levels. First off it’s gorgeously illustrated by Yukimura, and extensively researched, Secondly it manages to combine a lot of the story tropes and visual quirks that Manga fans love.

The story begins in the 11th century during a siege of a Frankish territory. A Viking raiding party decides to aid the attackers and send the  fierce young warrior Thorfinn to negotiate the alliance. At first the attackers underestimate Thorfinn’s prowess but soon take his offer of help, though they ultimately plan to betray the Vikings.

As the siege successfully ends for the Vikings Thorfinn claims his reward from his master a duel to avenge the death of Thorfinn’s  father years earlier. Thorfinn loses against Askeladd and remains a slave. The second part of this volume focuses on Thorfinn’s upbringing and the circumstances that brought him to be owned by Askeladd, things are not so cut and dried as they originally seemed.


This is such an engrossing read! I’m glad to see that future issues will be available on nook, kindle and iTunes, which will help with the cost and storage. I’m really impressed by Yukimura’s  writing and artistic talent. The story also shows the tremendous amount of research that was done on the life and customs of the Vikings.

This book has quickly become a fan favorite in  Japan, it was the grand prize winner in Kodansha Manga Awards where it’s creator showed up in full Viking regalia! A gorgeous exploration of a time period that continues to fascinate contemporary historians.

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Yea for 50% of at B&N! That is a fantastic deal. :)