Monday, January 20, 2014

Short and Sweet: Two Novellas with BITE by Hill & Cypess







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Novella’s are a great thing! It can often be a long wait between your favorite authors books. They are also a way to build on existing books.


Wolverton Station is a story that build on an almost hilarious premise, but then delivers a dark little twisted tale. A businessman riding an English train watches as a blood soaked wolf in human clothes walks into his empty car and sits next to him. The impossibility quickly turns to bloody reality as the man finds the rest of the trains occupants ripped to shreds.

I loved this ! Joe Hill is on my automatic buy list. Definitely worth the 99 cents I paid.

Harper teen Impulse has  a great variety of novellas that tie into some of their novels or stand on their own. Buried Above Ground is set in the same world as Mistwood but you don't have to have read the book to understand this story. In Mistwood the ghosts of the murdered come back with a compulsion for revenge. In the opening pages we meet a young mistress to the King preparing for a very important party. she is shocked to find she is dead and begins a quest to find her killer. Leah is one of my favorite writers and what I love most about this story is the character building. The reader becomes really involved in the characters and the outcome.


Nice quick and memorable reads.

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Pamela D said...

Joe Hill is pretty fantastic (but scary!). :) I need to find time to read NOS4A2.