Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sunday Share 21: The Solace of Entertainment







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Happy Sunday Everyone!! This week has been a tad difficult for me. January can bring a slow work schedule for me so there has been some financial stress and trying to figure out what changes I need to make. This happens every January but for some reason its shaking me a bit.

So with my extra time I’ve been checking out job opportunities, working out, reading and binge watching!


Reading Life

Books Read:

I’m doing really good with my reading. I’ve read 27 books so far, a combination of graphic novels , Manga and books.

Books Received This week

Review Books:

This is a new to me author. I loved the steampunk/ supernatural elements to the story





18686240 18685597




22469  16145729



19167968  17834872


Library Books

39692  7021138




7946523 11566956




Binge Watching

I love animated shows ! I watched a few episodes of Chowder when it aired but I’m now watching the whole series. Its so adorable and funny.




Fairytail is a subtitled fantasy anime about magical guilds. I love the action and music and the comedy translates very well. This is one of those shows that makes you  forget your reading subtitles.



So how has your week been? Share!

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Pamela D said...

I am excited to hear you like Carniepunk. I was thinking of getting it.